Using iPads in Your Classroom with Tech Tubs TechTubs are now available for teachers to checkout from the Technology Department for classroom use. TechTubs consist of a locked rolling cart with 5 to 7 iPads and a charging unit. TechTubs were purchased with REAP funds and are designed to help integrate technology into classroom activities. Teachers can check out TechTubs for a two week period and will be responsible for loading their own apps on the devices. Teachers are required to complete a staff user agreement before checking out TechTubs which include apps, Common Core State Standards, and a brief description of activities. For this course you will need to check out an ipad from the Technology Department and you must have wi-fi internet access at home as your assignments will require an internet connection. You will also need to use your laptop or desktop computer to complete some of the weekly assignments required for this course. We are living in a digital world and this course will provide information and resources for websites, apps and software that you can use in your classroom with students. Digital learning boosts students’ achievement, engagement and is vital to the modernization of school curriculums and long term success. The next generation classroom allows everyone to thrive on devices and apps that create a richer learning experience This is a three week online course conduced entirely via the MOODLE site that will begin July 6, 2015 and continue through July 24, 2015. This three week course will provide professional development on using apps geared to using in your content area standards. All forum assignments are due online in the week they are assigned unless you make arrangements with the instructor since dialogue is a key component to the success of an online course. Any printable assignments are due to the Central Office by July 29, 2015 by 4:00. As stated earlier internet access is required for this course. You can check out your ipad any time prior to the start of this course by contacting Connie Guillory. You will have to sign the user agreement prior to checking out an ipad. The ipad must be returned to Connie Guillory no later than July 29, 2015 No stipend will be paid but 9 CLUs and 9 technology points will be awarded for successful completion of this course.