Course Description: Brain Pop Part II Prerequisite: BrainPop & Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr. accounts The district has purchased a BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. license for classroom use. BrainPop can easily be used in classrooms, mobile devices and at home. Brain Pop offerings are developed with a fundamental multimedia principle in mind: that information is more effectively processed when presented in words, pictures and sound than when presented in words alone (Mayer, 2005). All resources are supported by BrainPOP Educators, which offers professional development and an array of lesson plans, webinars, video tutorials, graphic organizers and a rich curriculum calendar. Ideal for both group and one-on-one settings, BrainPOP is used in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic, to illustrating complex subject matter, or reviewing before a test. Content is carefully mapped to the Common Core and aligned to other academic standards. This is three week online course conducted entirely via the MOODLE site that will begin May 9, 2016- May 27, 2016. All posted assignments and forum assignments will be due online in the week they are assigned unless you make other arrangements with the instructor since dialogue is a vital part to the success of this online class. Any printable assignments are due to the Central Office by June 1, 2016. Internet Access is required for this course. No stipend will be paid but 12 CLUs and 12 technology points will be awarded upon successful completion of the course. Week One: My BrainPOP, Creating Classes, BrainPop App Week Two: BrainPop Jr. Make-a-Map, Assessment Tips & Rubric for Concept Maps Week Three: Assessment with BrainPOP, Wrapping it all Up!