SMART Notebook 16 MOODLE Course, Part II

SMART Notebook is a 4 week online MOODLE course for teachers that want to learn more about what resources SMART Notebook 16 has to offer. 

There is no face to face component to this course. Everything is conducted via email and the EPSB MOODLE site at Participants should be prepared to devote a minimum of four hours per week to Internet work. Internet access/Wi-Fi from home is a requirement for this class. Participants will receive 16 CLUs and Tech Points for this class. In addition, you will also get a SMART Notebook 16 license to use over the next school year if you do not currently have one from the first course. This course will begin September 12, 2016 and continue until October 7, 2016. All printable or digital assignments should be sent to Connie Guillory at the school board office or to Each assignment is due the week it is posted including the comments to classmates’ in the forum section of MOODLE. Communication and sharing of ideas is a great way to share ideas and learn from one another. All assignments must be completed and submitted no later than Thursday, October 13, 2016.