Online Safety/Protecting Student Privacy Course

Online Safety/Protecting Student Privacy is a 5 week Online MOODLE Course for educators who want to discover methods of protecting student privacy while using educational resources. You will explore current privacy laws, EPSB policy on sharing student data, resources on student privacy, and best practices or keeping information safe.

Every assignment for this course is posted in MOODLE at and all correspondence is via email and the forum posts in MOODLE. Participants should be prepared to devote a minimum of two to three hours per week to MOODLE assignments. Internet access from home and a working laptop/desktop are required for this class. Participants will receive 15 CLUs and Tech Points for this class.  This course will begin May 7, 2018 and continue through May June 8, 2018. All printable assignments for the course are due Monday, June 11, 2016 to the Central Office by 4:00. Assignments received late will not receive full credit.

Information, Resources and Websites to explore include the following:


No stipend will be paid for completion of this course. Tech points will be awarded upon successful completion. You will need a MOODLE login using to access this course. If you do not have a login or if you need me to reset your password, please contact me via email at